Jewelry for Prom

After choosing the right prom dress to wear, it is time to complement with accessories and jewelry in order to be outstanding and elegantly beautiful. A low cut might match a draping necklace and cocktail ring while chandelier earrings pair with a cuff bracelet.

Selecting the perfect accessories will always make your appearance looks great and pleasing. It is important to keep it cool and simple. What you wear define who you are, that is, your personality, your character, your style, and everything about you, hence it is essential to pick the perfect jewelry for prom.

Tips To Choose Jewelry For Prom

Here are some few tips on how to pick the perfect jewelry for prom night:

Corsage For Prom

Do you even need a corsage for your prom if you are a girl? My advice is an absolute no because it is expected that a guy brings it for you. Of course, you can get it with your friends but what's the fun in it? It isn't hard to DIY and make one corsage with Youtube full of examples.

Next frequently asked questions, which wrist do you wear your corsage if you have one? It is generally recognized as proper etiquette to wear the wrist corsage on the left.

Prom Brooch

Prom dresses are not a tight fit even if you have them custom made. This is because your body shape changes even on the same day and you could have eaten more or have a bad sleep. Therefore, you will need to secure your dress tightly. One most elegant solution is using a brooch which is a piece of jewelry to hold the garment together. However, it is usually expensive and only used once and easily missed. Therefore, we don't recommend you getting one just for the event.


After you might have fixed your hair to your desired taste, then the next thing to do is to look for earrings that can suit the style of hair you make. The hairstyles, not the main focus here, rather your prom dress and hairstyle must compliment the earrings.

It is better to use smaller earring if you desire an astonished look. But if there is a variety of design in your dress, then go for long and large sparkling earrings. Ensure you use earring colors that complete your dress. Do not forget your dress is the center of attraction, hence your earring must compliment it.


It is very good to add bracelets to your prom outfits, though it's not compulsory for every dress. Bracelets will go well with sleeveless dresses. You must remember that the more exquisite the dress, the simpler the bracelet. Furthermore, if you are putting on a ring, either a fashion ring or wedding ring, you must ensure it matches your bracelet and your dress.

Your bracelet must compliment your dress and other accessories at all times. When selecting a bracelet, there are various types, shapes, and colors, just pick the one that appreciates your dress and other prom accessories. Pick the bracelets that balance your outfits.


You can choose elegant short necklaces that will complete other accessories of the prom night outfits. You can pick short or large collars it all depends on your choice. There are beautiful varieties of necklace that can make you grace prom night in a more subtle, elegant and delicate way. It all revolves around you, choosing the right and perfect combinations of prom accessories. Gold, silver, and pearls are often a top and best choice for the majority of people.

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