Why is Princess Diana famous

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Why is Princess Diana famous
Among the many Princesses, Princess Diana was definitely the most memorable. Princess Diana famously said, "Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you."

She was on the path of leading the dream Princess life, having an early marriage at the age of 20 and having the title of the world's most expensive wedding. More importantly, she was an inspiration to many youths in the UK and there was even a commemorative coin of her marriage with Prince Charles. However, her death at the peak of her life is a reason why she was remembered deeply.

Commemorative Coin of Princesses Diana's wedding

Why Is Princess Diana Important

Princess Diana, with her philanthropist work even though of her Royal background, generated lots of interest from the general public. She changed the face of the British monarchy and future generations have followed her sons and their children thereafter. She once said to BBC, "I would like a monarchy that has more contact with its people." She was patrons to over 100 charities, visited many hospitals, schools, and fundraising galas, talking and listening to people.

Princess Diana was photographed in her trip to Angola, putting her own safety at risk as she walked through a recently cleared minefield. The trip was covered by the BBC for a Heart of the Matter documentary, and she said that “I’d read the statistics that Angola has the highest percentage of amputees anywhere in the world, that one person in every 333 had lost a limb, most of them through land mine explosions. But that hadn’t prepared me for reality.”

Why Is Princess Diana Inspirational

Diana’s commitment to anti-landmine captured the public’s attention and decades after she started her campaign, the support for the cause continues. Her son Prince Harry, is now patron of leading landmine charity, The HALO Trust, who called for the world to become free of the weapons by 2025.

At the age of 26, she also changed the world's perception that HIV and AIDS can be spread by touch. Diana opens Britain’s first AIDS ward at Middlesex hospital and made the news by shaking her hands with HIV-positive patients without wearing gloves.

Why Is Princess Diana A Hero

Similarly to her work on HIV/AIDS, she also raised the awareness about leprosy. She touched people with leprosy in India, Nepal, and Zimbabwe to show the world that leprosy is not spread by touch again. She said, “It has always been my concern to touch people with leprosy, trying to show in a simple action that they are not reviled, nor are we repulsed."

William followed his mother’s footsteps when he became a patron of Centrepoint that support the cause for homelessness. He told The Telegraph: "My mother introduced that sort of area to me a long time ago. It was a real eye-opener and I am very glad she did. It has been something I have held close to me for a long time."

How Princess Diana Changed The World

Besides serving the ill and the poor, she also inspired the children who are the future of our generation. As part of her patron of Royal Marsden Hospital, which focuses on childhood cancer, she said: "I make the trips at least three times a week, and spend up to four hours at a time with patients holding their hands and talking to them. Some of them will live and some will die, but they all need to be loved while they are here. I try to be there for them."

How Did Princess Diana Died

Definitely, the most shocking news that arrived on 31 August 1997 was the traffic accident involving our beloved Princess Diana. Her vehicle seated with 4 people crashed at a tunnel in Paris, France with only 1 surviving the crash. The media initially blamed the paparazzi who followed the car but further investigation found that the crash was caused the driver being intoxicated and under the effects of prescription drugs.

How Old Was Princess Diana When She Died

Princess Diana was only aged 36 when the collision occurred. It was just over 2 months after her birthday on 1 July.

Where Was Princess Diana's Funeral?

The public funeral of Princess Diana was at the west door of Westminster Abbey. After being taken to a private mortuary, it was put at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace before being moved to the final resting place.

When Was Princess Diana Funeral?

The public funeral started on 6 September 1997 at 9:08 am (around a week after the accident) when the tenor bell sounded to signal the departure of the cortège from Kensington Palace and was one of the most watched events at that time (estimated 2.5 billion viewers worldwide).

How Much Was Princess Diana's Wedding

The cost of the wedding estimated to be $48 million in total (between $70 and $110 when adjusted for inflation) with $600,000 being spent on security. According to TheKnot.com, the typical wedding costs around $28,000. This was estimated to be the most expensive wedding ever.

How Much Was Princess Diana's Wedding Dress

Princess Diana's 1981 wedding dress was made of silk and reported to cost $115,000. Based on inflation, the dress would be worth $317,841 in 2019.

Did Princess Diana Have A College Degree?

Princess Diana was not a particularly bright student. She failed all of her O-levels twice and later dropped out at the age of 16. She would pack her bags and try Institut Alpin Videmanette, a finishing school in Switzerland, but also quit after a term.


Princess Diana was one of the most famous Princess and the world definitely felt her loss deeply. However, her change in this world is not forgotten as her son have proudly carried on with her mission in life. We hope to cover more Princess news at Princess White Shop.

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