Cheap Prom Transport Ideas

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When it comes to prom, first impressions count. In your formal prom wear, do you prefer to arrive in style or a walk in the scorching hot weather?

I will choose the first if I was you.

Here are some cheap prom transport Ideas for your consideration and also unusual ideas we thought of.

Prom School Bus

A Straight-Up Bus

Riding the yellow bus to school may have fallen out of fashion the second you got your license. But what if you commissioned a driver to take you and 30 of your friends on an out-of-use school bus, and you decorated it on the inside and out? Just imagine the fun you could have with window paint and streamers. You would definitely be the talk of the dance.

A Horse Drawn Carriage

If you want to get all romantic with your date and you don't want any of your friends' drama involved, opt for a classy horse-drawn carriage. Just make sure you bring some extra perfume and cologne with you, just in case Mr. or Mrs. Horse gets a little stinky on the ride over. Oh, and be sure to plan this a few months in advance, as horse-drawn carriages probably aren't as easy to find as limos.

A Surfer Van

These should be easy to find if you live out west, particularly in California. Have an older friend or parent be the driver, so you and your date can party in the back. With all the room, you'll have no trouble stashing your after prom clothes, either. Don't forget to decorate the roof with a string of lights for a big entrance.

A Retro Car

An old-timey vehicle can really add some class to your prom. Ask your parent's friends and neighbors if they know anyone who keeps a classic stored in their garage. You may have to do a little sweet talking (and let them drive it) to borrow it. But in the end, it'll be worth it.

A Convertible

No matter where you live, a spring prom night will probably be warm and beautiful. What better way to enjoy the night than with the top down? Many car dealerships will rent out a convertible for a night. There are also car rental businesses that specialize in these sorts of things. Call around to see what your budget can get you (and make sure you have an adult who can co-sign the agreement!)

The Party Bus

Lights, leather couches, a mini dance floor... party buses have it all. If your goal is to start the party early and keep it going to the prom after party, get a group of your friends together and go all out. Just don't blow all your energy before you get to the actual dance!

A Pick-Up Truck

If you're not into having a fancy prom, if you want to go a little country, or if you just want to have a nice open-air ride to prom, consider riding in the back of a pickup truck. Just make sure the bed of the truck is free of any dirt before you climb in. Or, better yet, put down a comfy blanket to protect your dress. You and your date can always use it to cuddle with later on.

Split the Limo

Splitting the limo price with other couples who are also attending the prom is probably the most cost-effective way of footing the bill, and it can be fun to arrive together as a group. Either way, be sure to shop around to get the best deal. Generally speaking, the cost of hiring a limo will rise as you get closer to prom night, so it can pay to book early for a good deal.

Rent a Car Instead of a Limo

Prom Car Rental

Another way to save money but arrive in style is to rent a nice car. This is a lot cheaper than renting a limo, and it can be really fun. Just make sure that you pick a rental car company that is okay with 18-year-old drivers.

Pile in a Van

You can get a lot more kids in a 15-passenger van that you can in a limo. Remember, the more the merrier, but make sure that the driver is safe, cautious, and experienced.

A Fire Engine

If you need to get to a school prom in a group – then a large vehicle will be your best bet. Have you considered hiring a classic or modern fire engine? Many people are thrown a little by this possibility, but there are many available to hire and they have become increasingly popular for prom transportation. A fire engine will certainly make a memorable way to get to prom by:

  • Arriving in style
  • Using a huge sound system (arrive playing your favorite music)
  • Be the center of attention

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to drive the truck yourself, but the experience in itself will be awesome!

Tractor & Trailer

Every group of friends wants to be unique and a little different from their prom transport. Something that really has taken on over the last couple of years is the use of tractor and trailer hire. Inspired by the young farming community you can certainly expect:

  • A memorable and fun arrival at your school prom
  • Certainly, be one of the more “different” forms of transport
  • Save yourself some cash as rentals aren’t too pricey

Whoever has the honor of driving will need a trailer license. A great way to find someone local to help you out would be to:

  • Contact a local farm and make an inquiry
  • See if a local young farmers group would be willing to help

On a Skateboard

Using a skateboard is probably the easiest way you can do this. A skateboard is very cheap to acquire and you can organize this with your friends so that you all will come in a group to make it look fun. If you will be going on a skateboard, you will not be going with your date if you have one for the night.

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Unusual modes of transport for prom? For the adventurous trying to our style the rest, we came up with weird prom transport ideas are impractical and for fun. Some ideas are parachuting in from the sky, powering in via hovercraft, drones or jet packs, flying magic carpets, the genie from the magic lamp, astronaut spacesuit, giant pumpkins designed carriage like Cinderella, glider-like Fortnite.

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